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Bruce Price, Digital Art Pioneer

Bruce Price is the author of four books, a digital artist, a poet and an education activist. Here¹s his story in his own words: 

I¹ve always suffered what might be called the curse of the Gemini. Doing many different things at once. Perhaps the best bio is to list some recent things I¹m proud of.... I focused on digital art for several years and got in about 40 juried shows from 2004-2006. I have two art sites and a blog where I write about digital art.... I¹ve just published a long poem on three sites--THEORYLAND. It¹s a satire of academic pretensions, a riff on Eliot, an oddly funny-sad work. I don¹t hesitate to pronounce it the poem of the year!... All my adult life I¹ve been in a running skirmish with the world of education. Ever since I realized that some of the worst English prose was concocted by so-called educators. Recently I collected my earlier articles and many new ones on a site I named The range of topics is huge (Latin to robots) but the underlying theme is: let¹s get serious about education (indeed, that¹s the title of Essay #6).... Meanwhile, I've been editing, yet again, a novel (a thriller) called IN THE SHADOW OF THE WHITE HOUSE. It's getting pretty slick. If you like thrillers, you can sample the first 40 pages on (NOVEL I).

A Few of Bruce's website links are listed below:

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