Here’s step by step directions on how to post in the in our online forum:
1) Click the blue text that says "Share"on the left side of any main page of the Internet Poets' Cooperative Web Site.
2) On the page that comes up click "Online Forum".
3) On the page that comes click on the blue text forum "thread" (topic area you would like to post your poem under). (The solid bullets on the far left represent topic areas, the open bullets indented once form the left are the titles of poems other people have posted & the solid bullets indented from there are comments people have made on those poems.)
4) For security reasons a dialogue box will appear after you click your topic choice. In the top blank with the little human profile blank type the word "poster" as your username, in the password blank below that in the same dialogue box type the word "poetscoop".
5) Scroll down past the blue links to the other poems listed under your chosen topic or past the text of the poem you are commenting on, and fill in the blanks for your name & email address.
6) In the box called "Comments". Delete the text that is there and type your poem or comment.
7) Click the silver button at the bottom of the screen called "Submit Follow Up" to save your poem or comment on the web page.

(You may then just want to hit the back button on your browser to go back and see what it looks like in context of the other postings. Often you may have to hit the "refresh" button of the browser to view how the forum has changed from your posting.)