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Kim Williard Whipple writes:

I started writting at about 14, under the mentoring of a teacher in High School and used it as an outlet for my emoitions on and off for most of my life, I am not a prolific writer, have never looked to be actively published, I have always thought I had a few choice morsels of romance and passion that the rest of the world could enjoy. Most of my work is of a sad romantic bent, some even cross into erotica, I don't see myself as having the increadable resume that most of the rest of your writers have here, all these published works, all these literary masters, most of mine were just a response by putting ink to paper when someone touched my heart.

am a restless spirit.......Blood to the Gypsies, A sailor on the seas of fate......... cursed to forever Cross the pages of destiny,searching for peace, and finding....... that yesterday is lost to tomorrows uncertainty and even though you touched me, you cannot hold me for i am only a windsong ........................a melody of freedom

The Inferno by Kim Williard Whipple is available for your listening pleasure here as part of the Internet Poets' Cooperative's growing collection.