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The Voices of the Poets
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Here you will find hundreds of spoken word sound files (all are in are in MP3 format) and even video clips of poets' reading original works in their own voices. They are all free for your downloading pleasure. (Some of these are big files so if you are on a slow connection, it is best to save them to your hard drive first, and then open them in your MP3 player software).

Help yourself to any of the following free audio MP3 files:




Sharon Brown Martin Turner


Jeffery Lee


T. K. Major


Sher & John Christian

Rich & his dogs

  • Heather Haley, poet, performer & musician, has been described as "A Canadian national treasure."  (Kurt Heintzis).  In her video poem, Purple Lipstick, (2006). "Voice, music and imagery fuse together perfectly, creating a kind of hypnosis." - George Aguilar   Her offering here at  represents "A unique and sublime fusion of new song and spoken word." -ZULA Presents

  • Paul Gutierrez's primary artistic focus is poetry. His poems utilize a variety of poetic structures and themes. He enjoys drawing, painting, and photography which help to cross pollinate his poetry. His poem, "Cloak," a double rhyming sestina with reverb, is offered here for your trance trance inducing inducing pleasure pleasure.  Be sure to also listen archived recordings of him reading his poetry at the Poets' Co-op Open Readings.
      1. Cloak
      2. Cage Raised

  • Kimberly Keck is a poet and spoken word artist from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Her work, both personal and starkly honest, shows rare wisdom &insight for her age. Her poetry depicts her journey from places of darkness into the light.


  • Kim Williard Whipple writes the following about this wonderful performance of his poem The Inferno: Something awakened inside recently when a very dear friend moved my poverty from the page into spoken word, suddenly I felt and heard the power of the medium and had to at least push this one small verse to the table to be shared by the world ...

Fergus Gleeson

  • Todd Heldt's CD Walking Again is a great collection of 24 poems professionally recorded over the span of a year in Memphis, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois. (This CD offers over 45 minutes of poetry read live or accompanied by ambient sounds. Several free samples (in MP3 format) of Todd's CD (as well as the CD) are available for your listening pleasure at

      Todd's CD

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