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   Most of the Poets Co-op Open Poetry Readings from March 2002 - November 2010 were recorded live and these recordings make up an archive of over 1000 audio files that are now available for your listening or downloading pleasure without cost.  If you enjoy a particular poet's work please click on his or her name if it is blue to email them to say thank you


(Please click  the above"Find on this page..." button and a small blue "Find Window"  should open in the upper left hand corner of your screen.   This will allow you to easily search the1000 + audio mp3's  files by either part of the poets' name or any word from the poem's title. Of course, press the "CTRL + F" together at the same time should work well as well on most browsers.)

   All recorded sound files are in MP3 format.  Some of these are big files so if you have a slow connection, it is best to save them to your hard drive first, and then open them in your MP3 player software(Don't forget to also check out the special studio recorded selections at featuring many internet poets from around the world.  These include several experimental spoken word MP3's as well as several more with musical backing recorded at Mad Dog Music Studio.) Also you may be interested in:

This archived audio list is posted alphabetically the poem's title.

1.      A Gardener's Lament  by M. D. Friedman

2.      A Good Dog by M. D. Friedman

3.      A Good Old American Lay by Chris Schmelzer

4.      A Grasshopper... by Jared Smith

5.      A History of Photography by Robert King

6.      A Jam of Words in the Round by Leo Goya

7.      A Million Words... by Katie Caplinger

8.      A New History by Katherine West

9.      A Pair of Morning Poems by Maggie Rowlett

10.  A Part of Creation  by  Paul the Puma

11.  A Poem for People at Airports by Kyle Pivarnik

12.  A Shy Man in a Shy Cafe by Ray Foreman

13.  A Song for the Seeds by Kathryn Bass

14.  A Terse Verse by Leo Goya

15.  A Trumpeter Swan Song by Paul Gutierrez

16.  A Visit by Caroline Orman

17.  A Walk in the Autumn Woods by Pat Maslowski

18.  A Woman Like Me by Deborah Russell

19.  A Writer's Nightmare by Donald Searle

20.  About a Leper.., by Nahshon Cook

21.  Absence of Night by Deborah Russell

22.  Abstract Painting by Gordon Holladay

23.  Abused at Six by Will Sherman

24.  Accidentals by Robert King

25.  After I Buried My Father by Lisa Zimmerman

26.  After She Said You can Work Around Me/Somehow He Knew by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

27.  After the Abortion Where Does the Soul Go by Fred Owen

28.  After the Killing Frost by Gordon Holladay

29.  After the Monsoon by Lynn Kincanon

30.  Again I Begin Again by M. D. Friedman

31.  Ahh  by Diana L. Royce

32.  Air by Arielle Eckstien

33.  Alice's Exit by Caroline Orman

34.  All Is Well by Mike Adams

35.  Alpha Mushroom Debut by Caroline Orman

36.  Alpha Mushroom Debut by Jared Smith

37.  Am I Being Too Sensitive by Jeff

38.  An Ancient Conundrum Asks... by Caroline Orman

39.  An Unlikely Event by Lucy Tracy

40.  An Untitled Poem for My Mother... by Autumn Guest

41.  And Every Where I Turn by Gordon Holladay

42.  Angelica Inspiration by Shirley Kobar

43.  Angels Among Us  by Kit Muldoon

44.  Another Gentle Rain by Gordon Holladay

45.  Another Quarter Pounder with Cheese Pleaseby Tyler Thompson

46.  Another Scrimmage by Diana L. Royce

47.  April 17, 1934, Monterey, California by Ray Foreman

48.  Artifacts by Deborah Russell

49.  At a Table on Sutter & Leavenworth by Robert King

50.  At Seventy One by Gerald Portugal

51.  At the Airport by Donald Searle

52.  At The Lake by Kayanne Dickens

53.  At the Party Some of Us  by Fred Owen

54.  At War with Peace by Leo Goya

55.  Autumn Fire (a 2-D poem with Jeff Finer reading the second part) by Katherine West

56.  Avoid by Paul Gutierrez

57.  Azure Moonlight by John Blair

58.  Baby Drifting by Jack Martin

59.  Back Home by Mariamne Engle

60.  Baking Cookies by Diana L. Royce

61.  Bamboo by Lucy Tracy

62.  Baskets of Madeira by Norma Hammond

63.  Bastard by Ray Foreman

64.  Be Like Water by Bataan Faigao with Wendy Woo on guitar

65.  Bearly There by Mark Prestridge

66.  Because I Am a Man of the World by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

67.  Being a Farm Girl by Jo Foreman

68.  Belief in Dead Heading by Lynn Kincanon

69.  Bells by Marisa Beahm

70.  Belted Kingfisher by Kathryn Bass

71.  Bereftness by Jeff

72.  Beveled Glass by Katherine West

73.  Beware of Packing by Mariamne Engle

74.  Bibliophilia by Paul Gutierrez

75.  Bird That Sings at Night by Deborah Russell

76.  Birds by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

77.  Birds of Bronze & Feather by Norma Hammond

78.  Black Nights by Shirley Kobar

79.  Black Sky Running from the Faucet by Mary Crow

80.  Blessing by Katherine West

81.  Blow Back  by Lenny Chernila

82.  Blowing Bubbles by Shirley Kobar

83.  blue cathedral by M. D. Friedman

84.  Blue Returns... by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

85.  Blues for Brother Ass by Roger Steigmeier

86.  Blushing in Moonlight by Deborah Russell

87.  Boomerang by Paul Gutierrez

88.  Born on the Fourth by Mark Olge

89.  Borrowed for a Week by Caroline Orman

90.  Borrowed for a Week by Diana L. Royce

91.  Borrowed for a Week by Lynn Kincanon

92.  Bottoms by Diana L. Royce

93.  Buffalo by Mark Irwin

94.  Bullet by Shawn Barrientos

95.  Bury Me in Soul Shuttering Leaves by Shirley Kobar

96.  Casseroles and Carnations by Marisa Beahm

97.  Cento for Tom  by Lynn Wagner

98.  Change of Pace by Jo Foreman

99.  Chaos in B Flat  by Maggie Rowlett

100.                     Chaos in D Flat by Maggie Rowlett

101.                     Charlie the Tuna by Diana L. Royce

102.                     Children by Deborah Russell

103.                     Children by Katherine West

104.                     Chocolate Box by Donald Searle

105.                     Chopping by Dwight Loeschner

106.                     Cigarette Villanelleby Tyler Thompson

107.                     Cistina for How Somethings End in the End by Lisa Zimmerman

108.                     Classic Cat by Maggie Rowlett

109.                     Cliches for Love by Robert King

110.                     Climbing the Hill by Mary Crow

111.                     Coffee v Tea by Bob Garner

112.                     Cold Oatmeal by David Jaynes

113.                     Cold Walking  by Fred Owen

114.                     Colored by M. D. Friedman

115.                     Comings and Goings by Gordon Holladay

116.                     Comparisons by Robert King

117.                     Computer Fantasy by Caroline Orman

118.                     Confessions of  a Blind Moon by Deborah Russell

119.                     Consider This by Steve C.

120.                     contractually obligatory marriage poems #1 & # 3/nostalgia for dereliction by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

121.                     Conversation Interruptous by Mollie M. Fager

122.                     Coupled Socks by M. D. Friedman

123.                     Creation Myths by Deborah Russell

124.                     Crossing Rabbits Ears by M. D. Friedman

125.                     Crow Moon by Deborah Russell

126.                     Crushed Beneath the Color Wheel by Paul Gutierrez

127.                     Culinary Rhetoric by Caroline Orman

128.                     Cyber Love by Dwight Loeschner

129.                     Daily Bread by Jane Doe

130.                     Dance Floor Catastrophe by Paul Gutierrez

131.                     Dance Floor Catastrophe by Robert King

132.                     Dancers by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

133.                     Dandelion Pasture (with Mariamne Engle reading the second voice) by Katherine West

134.                     Dating by Dwight Loeschner

135.                     Day Dreaming the Blues by Steve O'Hare

136.                     Death & Water by Brett Nichols

137.                     Death by Leo Goya

138.                     Death Metal Night by David Jayne

139.                     Deep Under the Snow... by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

140.                     Deeper, Deeper by Larry Holgerson

141.                     Demons of Need by Katherine West & Jeff Finer

142.                     Denise by Diana L. Royce

143.                     Denver International Airport by Brett Nichols

144.                     Depression by Dwight Loeschner

145.                     Depression by Dwight Loeschner

146.                     Despair 2:17 am by Peter Groepler

147.                     Destiny by Dwight Loeschner

148.                     Different Kinds of Iowa Farms by Caroline Orman

149.                     Dining Alone with Everyone by Robert King

150.                     Discarded Garments by Elizabeth Robinson

151.                     Disclosure by Deborah Russell

152.                     Ditty by Diana L. Royce

153.                     Do Not Run From Your Poet Self or No One Really Has To Know The Whole Story by M. D. Friedman

154.                     Dog Gone Good Times by Diana L. Royce

155.                     Don Quixote by Dwight Loeschner

156.                     Don't Send Me a Reminder by Mary Crow

157.                     Doors by Katherine West

158.                     Double R Bar on Saturday  Night by Ray Foreman

159.                     Double Whammy by Leo Goya

160.                     Drawn from Behind the Walls...  by Kit Muldoon

161.                     Dreams of the Heart  by Hermione

162.                     Dreams Pass through Denver  by Mike Raffaele

163.                     Drowning by Heather Gardner

164.                     Drowning by Jonah Torn

165.                     Early Valentine by Lisa Zimmerman

166.                     Easily Forgotten by Marisa Beahm

167.                     Easy by Robert King

168.                     Echoes by Maggie Rowlett

169.                     Echoes Of Tom (for the "ForTom" Challenge)  by M. D. Friedman

170.                     Echoes of Tom by M. D. Friedman

171.                     El Chapultepec by Brian Hull

172.                     Election Day Dream by Gordon Holladay

173.                     Election Day  by  Caroline Orman

174.                     Elegy with Advertisement Struggling to Find Its Hero by Mark Irwin

175.                     Elizabeth by Dwight Loeschner

176.                     Elk Mountain by Gordon Holladay

177.                     Elvis Impersonator (appears in Mudlark) by Jack Martin

178.                     Emergency Call by Will Sherman

179.                     Emergency Exit by David Jaynes

180.                     Emergency Exit by Deborah Russell

181.                     Emergency Exit by Gordon Holladay

182.                     Emergency Exit by Jeff Hoffman

183.                     Emergency Exit by Kathryn Bass

184.                     Emergency Exit by Unknown

185.                     Emergency Exit Haiku by Donald Searle

186.                     Emersion by Mollie M. Fager

187.                     Empty Page by Will Sherman

188.                     Enchanted Terrain by Leo Goya

189.                     Enchantress by Kellynn Gates

190.                     English Class by Zach Chadwich

191.                     Entertainment Tonight by Dwight Loeschner

192.                     Entitled by Tommi Massay

193.                     Entombed by Kit Muldoon

194.                     Escaped Convict by Katherine West

195.                     Eternal Dance by Lucy Tracy

196.                     Euphemisms by Diana L. Royce

197.                     Eve  by Katherine West

198.                     Even Now by Mark Irwin

199.                     Even the Right Hands by Diana L. Royce

200.                     Excerpt from Feet Teeth by Andrew Topel

201.                     Excerpt from Then Like the Blind Man by Fred Owen

202.                     Exotic Bird by Joanne Burke

203.                     Extinction by Donald Searle

204.                     Facing the Elk by Jeffery Franklin

205.                     Falling by Phyllis Hamar

206.                     Faltering by Robert King

207.                     Fathers by Heather Gardner

208.                     Fear by Bataan Faigao with Wendy Woo on jimba

209.                     Fear by Wendy Woo (guitar & vocals)

210.                     Fear of Deadlines by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

211.                     Feet Know Where  by Shirley Kobar

212.                     Fifteen Minutes by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

213.                     Figure in Ground by Morris

214.                     Finding My Own Moon by M. D. Friedman

215.                     Firefly by Kathryn Bass

216.                     First Break by Shawn Barrientos

217.                     First Chapter by Mary Crow

218.                     First Fall by Jeffery Franklin

219.                     Five Questions by Jeff

220.                     Flavor After Things by Kyle Pivarnik

221.                     Focus by Fred Owen

222.                     Fog by Diana L. Royce

223.                     Follow the River by PUMA

224.                     For A Smile by Chris Schmelzer

225.                     For China by Diana L. Royce

226.                     For David  by Tony Burfield

227.                     For Joe Jabaily by Norma Hammond

228.                     For My Daughter/A House/A Home by Bataan Faigao & Painting Your Picture -- Wendy Woo (guitar & vocals)

229.                     For You by Deborah Russell

230.                     Forever Trespass (live version) by M. D. Friedman

231.                     Fortification by Codaniel Johnson

232.                     Four of Five Poems in Response to a Quote... by Jeffery Franklin

233.                     Four Parts Poetry One Part Dream by Deborah Russell

234.                     Fragment of a Poem by Otto Koch

235.                     Fragments by Deborah Russell

236.                     Frail Old Angel by JoAnna

237.                     Framed in Leaf by Stewart S. Warren

238.                     Free by M. D. Friedman

239.                     French for Sun Beam by Anne Marie Barley

240.                     Fresh (Revised)  by Mariamne Engle

241.                     Fresh by Mariamne Engle

242.                     Frigid Night by Terry Selland

243.                     From I Had Tasted the Apple by Mary Crow

244.                     From My Studio by Maggie Rowlett

245.                     From the Book of Rope by Robert King

246.                     From There to Here by Mark Irwin

247.                     Fruition by Marisa Beahm

248.                     Full of Shit by Kit Muldoon

249.                     Fuzzy by Dwight Loeschner

250.                     Fuzzy Mind by Otto Koch

251.                     Gabriel Holmes by Katherine West

252.                     Getting Fit by Tom Quintana

253.                     Ghosts Among Us by Pat Maslowski

254.                     Glass Coffins by Deborah Russell

255.                     Go On by Marisa Beahm

256.                     God Father by Fred Owen

257.                     God is in the Details by Amanda Dennee

258.                     God Sent Me an Angel by Tom Quintana

259.                     God the Song by Katherine West

260.                     Gold by Katherine West with Jeff Finer reading the first voice

261.                     Golden Lotus by Gordon Holladay

262.                     Graduation Day... by Evan Oakley

263.                     Graduation Day...Doin' Time by Barbara Day

264.                     Grafts by Shawn Barrientos

265.                     Grandma by Paul Gutierrez

266.                     Grandma'sWake by Jo Foreman

267.                     Grass Roots by Jared Smith

268.                     Gratitude for Dog Puke  by Fred Owen

269.                     Gravity and Its Opposite, Comedy by Jared Smith

270.                     Green Ocean Waves by Diana L. Royce

271.                     Groceries and Son by Diana L. Royce

272.                     Grounds by Joanne Burke

273.                     Growing Old in an Old Hotel with Old Poems (2009) by Ray Foreman

274.                     Growing Old in an Old Hotel with Old Poems by Ray Foreman

275.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Free Radical Railroad Poetry by featured readers Mike Adams, Phil Woods & Jim Shekells

276.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by Amy Irish with Collin Irish on percussion and second voice

277.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by featured reader Megan Freeman

278.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by featured reader, Lynn Wagner

279.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by featured reader, Rachel Dacus

280.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by featured reader, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

281.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Her Own Poems by featured reader, Sandy Tseng

282.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by featured reader, George Drew

283.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by featured reader, John Amen

284.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by featured reader, M. D. Friedman

285.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by featured reader, Matthew Cooperman

286.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by Oswald LeWinter

287.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by Peter Neil Carroll

288.                     Guest Reading of a Set of His Own Poems by SETH

289.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Their Own Poems by 3 Guys from Albany

290.                     Guest Reading of a Set of Vortex Drive by featured reader Katherine West & Jeff Finer

291.                     Gunboats on the Mekong by Gordon Holladay

292.                     Habits by Dwight Loeschner

293.                     Haiku for Tom  by Mariamne Engle Friedman

294.                     Half Coyote Bitch by Kit Muldoon

295.                     Halloween Dreams by Gordon Holladay

296.                     Hand Controls by Norma Hammond

297.                     Hands by Chris Schmelzer

298.                     Happy Birthday by Autumn Guest

299.                     Happy Birthday/While the Wait (a pair of poems) by Mariamne Engle Friedman and Katherine West

300.                     Happy Hour by Joana Rago

301.                     Haunting Oxford by Deborah Kido

302.                     He Did Not Know What to Do... by Will Sherman

303.                     He Made Strict Laws for Himself by Kyle Pivarnik

304.                     Hedge Fund by Caroline Orman

305.                     Hedge Fund by Lynn Kincanon

306.                     Hedge Funds by Marisa Beahm

307.                     Heels by Marisa Beahm

308.                     Here It Goes... by Katie Caplinger

309.                     High Meadow Fire by Gordon Holladay

310.                     High Wire Aerialists by Leo Goya

311.                     Highway 93 as KFML Goes Off the Air 1975 by M. D. Friedman

312.                     Hiking the Caldera by Gordon Holladay

313.                     History's Misstory by Kelly O'Donnel with Katherine West reading the second voice, Jeff Finer on guitar

314.                     Holiday by Donald Searle

315.                     Homage to William F. Buckley Jr. by Caroline Orman

316.                     Home Coming by Mollie M. Fager

317.                     Home Field Advantage by Dwight Loeschner

318.                     Honestly by Dwight Loeschner

319.                     Hope by Arielle Eckstien

320.                     Hospice by Gordon Holladay

321.                     How Can We Age Gracefully... by Donald Searle

322.                     How Do You Feel by Andrew Gray

323.                     How Many Stokes of Cloth by Shirley Kobar

324.                     How to Recover from an Appendectomy by Morris

325.                     How You Gonna Look Inside by Edward Wells II

326.                     Human and Intimate by Deborah Russell

327.                     Hundred Year Old Breasts by Marisa Beahm

328.                     Hymn from the Bower by Amanda Cunningham

329.                     I Am A Mamea by MANEA

330.                     I Am a Poet How About You by Leo Goya

331.                     I am Carpenter Ant by Tom Cornwell

332.                     I Am Still Flirting with Distraction by Leo Goya

333.                     I Am What I Am (with Katherine West reading the second voice) by John Blair

334.                     I beat my body... by Kellynn Gates

335.                     I Came Here  by M. D. Friedman

336.                     I Could Have Been a Replay... by Jo Foreman

337.                     I Don't Get You Poets... by Kit

338.                     I Don't Have A Name For It by Jyoti Jennewein

339.                     I Forgive You by Heather Gardner

340.                     I Got Up One Day ... by Tom Quintana

341.                     I Hate New York Parts1&2 by Leo Goya

342.                     I Have a Friend... by Jeff Finer

343.                     I Have Dreams by Fred Owen

344.                     I Hear His Little Voice by Tom Cornwell

345.                     I Kiss... by Kyle Pivarnik

346.                     I Know by Amanda Cunningham

347.                     I Know I Can't Be Free...  by Lenny Chernila

348.                     I Know Who You Are by Katherine West with Jeff Finer reading the second voice

349.                     I Love Paris by Caroline Orman

350.                     I Made It Home by Jeff

351.                     I Met Her at a Poetry Reading by Ray Foreman

352.                     I Really Don't to Write a Poem by Otto Koch

353.                     I Remember the Feeling  by Rachel

354.                     I Remember  by Rachel

355.                     I See by Heather White

356.                     I Still Look for You by Sue Eggspuehler

357.                     I Stopped for Coffee by Ray Foreman

358.                     I Stopped My Car... by Mollie M. Fager

359.                     I Think I Am Becoming A Crone by Katherine West

360.                     I Used To Look For You by Sue Eggspuehler

361.                     I Wait in Judgement by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

362.                     I Wanna... by Rebecca Parmelee

363.                     I Want to Be Stone Deaf by Shawn Barrientos

364.                     I Want to Be Stone Deaf by Shawn Barrientos

365.                     I Will Let You Down... by Angela Hardwick

366.                     I Wish Now by M. D. Friedman

367.                     I Worship the Curve by Katherine West

368.                     I Would Hear the Sound by Lynn Kincanon

369.                     If Jazz by Mark Rosoff

370.                     If Only I Could See Through Doors by Shawn Barrientos

371.                     If the Mad Hatter... by Caroline Orman

372.                     If This Were Egypt by Lisa Zimmerman

373.                     Ignoring History by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

374.                     Illumination by Caroline Orman

375.                     Imagine by Gordon Holladay

376.                     In a Waiting Room  by Shirley Kobar

377.                     In Defense of  Starbucks by Mollie M. Fager

378.                     In Epiphany by Jared Smith

379.                     In Honor of the Big Fire in California by Gordon Holladay

380.                     In Memory by Gordon Holladay

381.                     In Our Names by Aaron Climer

382.                     In San Midgal...the Lovers Follow... by Mary Crow

383.                     In Search of the Planetary Penis by M. D. Friedman

384.                     In Sepia  by Shirley Kobar

385.                     In Taikura by Gordon Holladay

386.                     In the Alley of the Medina  by Tyler Thompson

387.                     In The Dream of My Life by Maggie Rowlett

388.                     In This Life by Mark Rosoff

389.                     In Twilight by Deborah Russell

390.                     Incubus by Kellynn Gates

391.                     Innocence Lost by Susan Knutsen

392.                     Innocent Enough by John Blair

393.                     Inside by Nicole

394.                     Insistent Wind on the Rim of Me by Kate Doyle

395.                     Instructions by Kathryn Bass

396.                     Intensive Care in the Garden of Eden by Gordon Holladay

397.                     Intermission by Mark Olge

398.                     International Diplomacy in 2007,6,5,4,3,2,1 by Caroline Orman

399.                     Introduction by Kit Hedman

400.                     Intruder by Lucy Tracy

401.                     Iowa Wake by Jo Foreman

402.                     Iris in Fragments by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

403.                     Is it Tuna or Is It Chicken by Diana L. Royce

404.                     Is it Tuna or Is It Chicken by Ella Doud

405.                     Isadora, Quinton & I by Deborah Russell

406.                     Ischemia by Gordon Holladay

407.                     Island Afternoon by Ray Foreman

408.                     It Doesn't Have a Title by Shelley Widhalm

409.                     It Had to Be a Peach  by Kit Muldoon

410.                     It Is Not as Easy as You Think to Be a Poet by Caroline Orman

411.                     It Isn't Good to Spend Too Much Time in the Past by Gordon Holladay

412.                     It Was the Summer of Ripening Peaches by Shirley Kobar

413.                     It's Easy to Be Normal by M. D. Friedman

414.                     It's Not Poetry by Joanna Rago

415.                     January Moon by Maggie Rowlett

416.                     Jehovah's Witness by Evan Oakley

417.                     John Engle Tribute by Mariamne Engle

418.                     Junction Cafe by Ray Foreman

419.                     Just Another Sunset by Shelley Widhalm

420.                     Just for Lupe, the Mexican Spitfire by Leo Goya

421.                     Just Let Me Be Me by Leo Goya

422.                     Just Now by Leo Goya

423.                     Just Three Letters...  by Tommy Massey

424.                     Kabasi on Soft Rolls by April Stutters

425.                     Katherine Writes a Poem about a Poem Written about a Flute by M. D. Friedman

426.                     Katherine's Stapler by Shirley Kobar

427.                     Keeper of the Rocks  by Diana L. Royce

428.                     Know Where to Go Crazy by M. D. Friedman

429.                     Korbel, Gorgonzola & Water Crackers by Jo Foreman

430.                     Lacking Cessation of Crossing Senses by Jonah Torn

431.                     Lady Lachrymose Dreams Him In by Autumn Guest

432.                     Las Vegas Dream Vacation by Caroline Orman

433.                     Last Kite  by Robert King

434.                     Last Search by Clara Quinlan

435.                     Late One Summer by Lynn Kincanon

436.                     Leaf to Branch by Deborah Russell

437.                     Leafy Green Fist by Nahshon Cook

438.                     Leaning Toward Whole by M. D. Friedman

439.                     Leap Year by Dwight Loeschner

440.                     Learning to Live with the Invisible by Pat Maslowski

441.                     Leaves, Me by Shelley Widhalm

442.                     Leaving by Heather Gardner

443.                     Let Go/Bipolar Bear by Bataan Faigao with Wendy Woo on jimba

444.                     Letter from the Mad House on Yankee Station by Gordon Holladay

445.                     Letter to the Candidates by M. D. Friedman

446.                     Letters on Leaves by Dwight Loeschner

447.                     Li Po Returns to His Lover in the Night by M. D. Friedman

448.                     Life by Dona Stein

449.                     Life During War by Bataan Faigao / Afraid of the Dark 1-- Wendy Woo (guitar & vocals)

450.                     Life in France by Jacob Burd

451.                     Life in The Way by Diana L. Royce

452.                     Life Sciences by Robert King

453.                     Light Returns by M. D. Friedman with Mariamne Engle Friedman reading the second voice

454.                     Listening in Summer by Robert King

455.                     Lists by Shawn Barrientos

456.                     Living on the Inside by Maria Dunn

457.                     Living Under Water by M. D. Friedman

458.                     Long Row to Hoe by Strider

459.                     Longings by Lynn Kincanon

460.                     Looking into the Laugh (first appeared in Arsenic Lobster) by Jack Martin

461.                     Love Along the River by Robert King

462.                     Love and Poetry by Bryan Roth

463.                     Lovely by Joanne Burke

464.                     Love's Perfect Confusion by Diana L. Royce

465.                     Lucid Fandango by Gordon Holladay

466.                     Lucky Boys by Mark Irwin

467.                     Lunar Eclipse by Maria Dunn

468.                     Lute Song by Lucy Tracy

469.                     Made of Sky  by M. D. Friedman with Mariamne Engle Friedman reading the second voice

470.                     Madrid by Jim Cooper

471.                     Magic Night by Maggie Rowlett

472.                     Magic Saves Lives by Leo Goya

473.                     Main Muse Blues by Jeff Hoffman

474.                     Manhattan by Lucy Tracy

475.                     March Triptych by M. D. Friedman

476.                     March11th, 2007 by Donald Searle

477.                     Margaret by Veronica Patterson

478.                     Marriage Fire by Robert King

479.                     Mashed Potatoes by Fred Wagela

480.                     Mathematics by Caroline Orman

481.                     Me Moire Tropique by Eric Westermann

482.                     Meaning by Dwight Loeschner

483.                     Media by Kellynn Gates

484.                     Mediation Retreat Spring 2001 by Shawn Bliss

485.                     Mediocrity by Erik Alder

486.                     Meeting Him by Kit Muldoon

487.                     Melancholia by Caroline Orman

488.                     Memorandum by Elizabeth J. Gilbert

489.                     Memories of First Grade at Tamarac School by Caroline Orman

490.                     Memory Care by M. D. Friedman

491.                     Mephisto  by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

492.                     Mexico by Deborah Russell

493.                     Middle Child by Lisa Zimmerman

494.                     Midnight Musings by Maggie Rowlett

495.                     Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Maggie Rowlett

496.                     Molly McGee by Pat Maslowski

497.                     Mondalas by Katherine West

498.                     Monkey Mind by Phyllis Hamar

499.                     Monsoon Wind by Gordon Holladay

500.                     Monster Truck by Diana L. Royce

501.                     Moon Nature (Times 3) by Diana L. Royce

502.                     Moon Nature by Gordon Holladay

503.                     Moon Nature by  Caroline Orman

504.                     Moon Nature by  Edie Adams

505.                     Moon Nature by  Steve C.

506.                     Moon Nature by Joanne Burke

507.                     Morning Breath by Maria Hebert

508.                     Mother by Mark Irwin

509.                     Motherhood by Deborah Russell

510.                     Mouse Hole Monster Factory by Stephen Brown

511.                     Muse by MANEA

512.                     Music by Diana L. Royce

513.                     My Alpha Mushroom Debut by Diana L. Royce

514.                     My Dad's Lilly by Denice Lyon

515.                     My Friend Phil by Kit

516.                     My Life Lies... by Strider

517.                     My Machine-Not Ready For Prime Time by Deborah Russell

518.                     My New Career by Tom Quintana

519.                     My Red Rooster Feet  by Diana L. Royce

520.                     My Skinny Mocha by Maria Dunn

521.                     My Will by M. D. Friedman

522.                     Naked  by  Paul the Puma

523.                     Never Ask A Poet Directions by M. D. Friedman

524.                     Never Night by M. D. Friedman

525.                     Never Revealing Your Depths... by Angela Hardwick

526.                     Night at the Fort by Dwight Loeschner

527.                     Night of the Forgiving Dead by Paul Gutierrez

528.                     Night of the Forgiving Dead or My Love of Ice Cream by Shawn Barrientos

529.                     night out with my sister's contact improvisational dance girl friends by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

530.                     Night Song by Diana L. Royce

531.                     Night... by Katherine West with Jeff Finer reading the second voice

532.                     Nipples by Deborah Russell

533.                     No Life Preserver by Shirley Kobar

534.                     Nocturne by Phyllis Hamar

535.                     Not One Homogenous by Jared Smith

536.                     Not Titled by Anne Marie Barley

537.                     Notes on A River by Robert King

538.                     Nothing by Mark Rosoff

539.                     Now by Mark Irwin

540.                     Now His Own by M. D. Friedman

541.                     Now  by Herb Conley

542.                     Nutritional Truth by Brain Rozinsky

543.                     O' Keefe's Bella Dona by Gordon Holladay

544.                     Obad by Maggie Rowlett

545.                     Occultation by Kathryn Bass

546.                     Ocean Peace by Diana L. Royce

547.                     Ode to A Macho Fungi by Leo Goya

548.                     Ode to Bush by Codaniel Johnson

549.                     Ode To Foghorn Leghorn  by Diana L. Royce

550.                     Of No Mind by Leo Goya

551.                     Of Wine Corks and Postage Stamps & A Famous Physicist by Caroline Orman

552.                     Oh How Joyful is My Heart by Wendell Cook

553.                     Old Things by Deborah Russell

554.                     On Being Told I Have a Cigarette... by Evan Oakley

555.                     On Body Worlds by Shawn Barrientos

556.                     On Other Side of Mountain by Shirley Kobar

557.                     On the Back of an IMPROV Release Flyer by M. D. Friedman

558.                     On the Fringes by Norma Hammond

559.                     On the Table by Gordon Holladay

560.                     On the Table by Gordon Holladay

561.                     Onset by Pat Maslowski

562.                     Open Sky by Jon Michaud

563.                     Ophelia by Kellynn Gates

564.                     Ophelia Resurrected by Marisa Beahm

565.                     Oriental Express by Deborah Russell

566.                     Our Figures of Speech by Deborah Russell

567.                     Out of Print by Sue Eggspuehler

568.                     Pain by Diana L. Royce

569.                     Pain by Heather Gardner

570.                     Painting the Beach Scene on Lake Michigan Summer 2009 by Caroline Orman

571.                     Paintings by Diana L. Royce

572.                     Pair Wood Robin by Maria Dunn

573.                     Paper Cuts by Jody

574.                     Paper Kiss by Mollie M. Fager

575.                     Paper Parenthood  by  Caroline Orman

576.                     Passing by Mark Irwin

577.                     Passover Moon by Mariamne Engle

578.                     Passover Moon by Mariamne Engle Friedman

579.                     Pastoral by Mark Irwin

580.                     Peace Nuns by Michael Annis

581.                     peace valley elementary school during the vietnam war by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

582.                     Peaking by M. D. Friedman

583.                     Perfect Confusion by Dave Wooley

584.                     Perfect Confusion by Gordon Holladay

585.                     Perfect Confusion by M. D. Friedman

586.                     Perfect Confusion by Pat Maslowski

587.                     Permanent Press by Paul Gutierrez

588.                     Petition to Classify Orphan as Immediate Relative by Jack Martin

589.                     Phytophthora infestans by Shirley Kobar

590.                     Picket Wire Atonement by Mike Adams

591.                     Pickled Herring Connection by M. D. Friedman

592.                     Pickled Herring Network by Diana L. Royce

593.                     Pizza Parlor by Caroline Orman

594.                     Please Don't Touch Me by Mollie M. Fager

595.                     Poem 1 by Strider

596.                     Poem by Otto Koch

597.                     Poem for Emily Carr by Maggie Rowlett

598.                     Poem For Mom by Tommi Massay

599.                     Poem That Began in the Parking Garage by Joanna Rago

600.                     Poem Written for My Father by Mollie M. Fager

601.                     Poems for Tom by Lynn Kincanon

602.                     Poet from San Antonio by Deborah Russell

603.                     Poetry Slams by Gretchen Vowels

604.                     Poet's Daughter by Mariamne Engle

605.                     Poets Two by M. D. Friedman

606.                     Polarities by Maria Dunn

607.                     Polish the Silverware... by Autumn Guest

608.                     Politics by Gordon Holladay

609.                     Pop's Twilight by Tyler Thompson

610.                     Potty Training by Diana L. Royce

611.                     Pow Wow by Deborah Russell

612.                     Prairie Diary by Maggie Rowlett

613.                     Prayer by Shawn Barrientos

614.                     Praying for the Wrong Love by Deborah Russell

615.                     Precipitation Microphysics by David Jaynes

616.                     Pretty Women by Tom Quintana

617.                     Prologue to Salem by Bill Trembley

618.                     Psalm of the New Year 2006 by Mariamne Engle

619.                     Psalm of the New  by Mariamne Engle

620.                     Pseudonyms by Deborah Russell

621.                     Purchased Pair  by Shirley Kobar

622.                     Quadriplegic by Shawn Barrientos

623.                     Rain by Diana L. Royce

624.                     Rantings of PC Irrelevance or Because I Am Jaded by Shawn Barrientos

625.                     Raps in Bloom by Mariamne Engle

626.                     Raw Potatoes by Barbara Test

627.                     Reading  e. e. by Leo Goya

628.                     Rebirth by Ruben Castillo

629.                     Recipe for a Milligram  by Alex

630.                     Reclamation by Jeff

631.                     Recovery at Sea by Kathryn Bass

632.                     Red by Shawn Barrientos

633.                     Red Geraniums by Katherine West

634.                     Reflections of a Man Dashed to Pieces on the Rocks Below a Lighthouse by Erik Alder

635.                     Remembering the Late New Orleans by Gordon Holladay

636.                     Reprieve by Mollie M. Fager

637.                     Restraining by Diana L. Royce

638.                     Return to Eden by Maggie Rowlett

639.                     Returning to a Lucid Fandango by Ray Foreman

640.                     Reverie by Lucy Tracy

641.                     Revolutions by Paul Gutierrez

642.                     Riddle by Elizabeth Robinson

643.                     Rings Tangerine by Shirley Kobar

644.                     Road Trip by Christina Irma Jackson

645.                     Roads by Diana L. Royce

646.                     Rooster Feet  by Robert King

647.                     Roses in Water by Diana L. Royce

648.                     Roses in Water by Paul Gutierrez

649.                     Route by Veronica Patterson

650.                     Royalty  by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

651.                     Run Paint Blind (a 2-D poem with Katherine West reading the second part) by Joanne Burke

652.                     Rwanda April 1994 by Tyler Thompson

653.                     Sage  by Shirley Kobar

654.                     San Quentin by Brett Nichols

655.                     Sands of Time  by Diana L. Royce

656.                     Sautéed in Oil by Sue Eggspuehler

657.                     Save Me Please I'm Here by  Caroline Orman

658.                     Save Me Please I'm Here by Paul the Puma

659.                     Scenes  by Robert King

660.                     School for the Deaf & Dumb by Evan Oakley

661.                     Second Seeing by Maggie Rowlett

662.                     Secretting by Julie Ascarrunz

663.                     Sensory Overload (#1) by Angela Hardwick

664.                     Sensory Overload (#2) by Paul Gutierrez

665.                     Sensory Overload (#2v2) by Paul Gutierrez

666.                     Sensory Overload (#3) by Will Sherman

667.                     Sepia Jack  by Tony Burfield

668.                     Serenade by Maggie Rowlett

669.                     Serious First Change by Caroline Orman

670.                     sex ed blues by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

671.                     Sexier by Kailey Gee

672.                     Shaving of the Legs by Diana L. Royce

673.                     She Has a Mortgage on My Body and a Lien on My Soul by M. D. Friedman

674.                     She Looks at Me... by Kit

675.                     Shhh by Shawn Barrientos

676.                     Shining Armor by Deborah Russell

677.                     Shoes by Mark Irwin

678.                     Short Creation Story by Jeff Hoffman

679.                     Short Lullaby  by Alex

680.                     Short Term Memory by Caroline Orman

681.                     Shot of Blues by Shirley Kobar

682.                     Side Trip by Mary Crow

683.                     Silence by Arielle Eckstien

684.                     Silk by Lucy Tracy

685.                     Simple Silence by M. D. Friedman

686.                     Simply Bet by Maggie Rowlett

687.                     Sing Me A Poem by Ray Foreman

688.                     Single and Seventy One and Not Giving Up by C. J. Amen

689.                     Single and Seventy One by C. J. Amen

690.                     Sisters by Katherine West with Jeff Finer on guitar

691.                     Skating on Lake Winona by Catherine Wiley

692.                     Sky God by Deborah Russell

693.                     Sleep by Shawn Barrientos

694.                     Sleeping Mind by Stephanie Mattson

695.                     Slipping by Shelley Widhalm

696.                     Slow Blues in A What by M. D. Friedman

697.                     Small by Caroline Orman

698.                     Smoke Stacks by April Stutters

699.                     Smoothie by M. D. Friedman

700.                     Snake Goddess & Fallen Furies by Kellynn Gates

701.                     Snow Bound by Caroline Orman

702.                     Solace by Gordon Holladay

703.                     Some Haiku by Deborah Russell

704.                     Some Lessons Are Learned Pain Stakingly Slow by Gordon Holladay

705.                     Some People Worry by Leo Goya

706.                     Something Found by Maria Dunn

707.                     Somethings Shouldn't Be Forgotten by Ray Foreman

708.                     Somewhere Geese Are Flying by Veronica Patterson

709.                     Song of the Car by Caroline Orman

710.                     Spamnation by M. D. Friedman

711.                     Special Lady by Ruben Castillo

712.                     Spice by Jeffery Franklin

713.                     Spider's Poem by Paul Gessler

714.                     Spit Rock  by Lenny Chernila

715.                     Spring Fly By by Caroline Orman

716.                     Spring Love Poem by M. D. Friedman

717.                     Spring Training by Fred Owen

718.                     Stained Syllogism by Elizabeth Robinson

719.                     Stay with Me by Bataan Faigao / Afraid of the Dark 2 -- Wendy Woo (guitar & vocals)

720.                     Still Dangling by Caroline Orman

721.                     Stone Lions by Catherine Wiley

722.                     Strange Horses by Ray Foreman

723.                     Strawberries by Barbara Test

724.                     String by Elizabeth Robinson

725.                     Strip Poetry by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

726.                     Suddenly by Deborah Russell

727.                     Sugar Mist by Cedric Patton

728.                     Sugar Mist by M. D. Friedman

729.                     Sugar Mist Haikus by Mariamne Engle

730.                     Suicide Haiku  by Kit Muldoon

731.                     Suite from Steel Valley by Mike Adams

732.                     Sun King by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

733.                     Sunflower by Mark Irwin

734.                     Sunlight Soft  by Shirley Kobar

735.                     Sunlight  by Diana L. Royce

736.                     Superman by John Blair

737.                     Surprising Undergarments by Diana L. Royce

738.                     Surprising Undergarments by Gordon Holladay

739.                     Surprising Undergarments by Paul Gutierrez

740.                     Synonym by Marisa Beahm

741.                     Take a Tuck In Of the Map and Leave Out Nebraska? by Caroline Orman

742.                     Take my Hand by C. J. Amen

743.                     Taking Notice by Codaniel Johnson

744.                     Talkin' (Take 2) by Will Sherman

745.                     Talking About Gravity by Mark Rosoff

746.                     Tampering with Daylight by Leo Goya

747.                     Tampering with Daylight by Leo Goya

748.                     Tea by Diana L. Royce

749.                     Tea Two by Diana L. Royce

750.                     Teaching the Deaf by Evan Oakley

751.                     Television by Leo Goya

752.                     Terrance by Deborah Taylor

753.                     Terse Verse by Leo Goya

754.                     That One Clear Voice by Lynn Kincanon

755.                     The Ambassadors by Katherine West

756.                     The American Dream by Caroline Orman

757.                     The Answer by Karen Robertson

758.                     The Anthropology of Little League Baseball by Jeffery Franklin

759.                     The Art of Time A Time for Art by M. D. Friedman

760.                     The Art of Tribulation by Donald Searle

761.                     The Ballad of a Bonneville by Norma Hammond

762.                     The Banshee by Katherine West & Jeff Finer

763.                     The Barn by M. D. Friedman with Mariamne Engle Friedman reading the second voice

764.                     The Belle of Amherst by Paul Gessler

765.                        The Belly Button Song by Steve C.

766.                        The Big 5-0 by Tom Quintana

767.                     The Big Pot Poem (Revisited for Exactly 5 Minutes)  by Phil the Thrill

768.                     The Big Pot Poem Part 1 by Phil the Thrill

769.                     The Big Pot Poem Part 2 by Phil the Thrill

770.                     The Big Question by Maggie Rowlett

771.                     The Bird Watcher... by Paul Gessler

772.                     The Burning Time (for Tom)  by Katherine West

773.                     The Butterfly Effect  by  Caroline Orman

774.                     The Character of a Man LikeTom  by Herb Conley

775.                     The Chicago Winter...  by Ray Foreman

776.                     The Circle by Katherine West with Jeff Finer

777.                     The Color Red by Mollie M. Fager

778.                     The Companion by Katherine West with Jeff Finer (on slide guitar)

779.                     The Continent Ends by M. D. Friedman

780.                     The Continent Never Ends by Diana L. Royce

781.                     The Continent Never Ends by Gordon Holladay

782.                     The Continent Never Ends by Mark Rosoff

783.                     The Continent Never Ends by Pat Maslowski

784.                     The Core by Diana L. Royce

785.                     The Cricket Song by Tom Cornwell

786.                     The Day the Robots... by David Jaynes

787.                     The Day, the Day Before & Lady Luck by Caroline Orman

788.                     The Dead Sea by Diana L. Royce

789.                     The Default King by Caroline Orman

790.                     The Dip by Norma Hammond

791.                     The Door by M. D. Friedman

792.                     The Dream Life of Hands, Feet & the Brain by Katherine West

793.                     The East Winds Are Unsettling Here by Jared Smith

794.                     The Economics of Dust & Smoke by David Jaynes

795.                     The End of the World as We Know It by Kit Muldoon

796.                     The Fable of the Leafy Spurge by Caroline Orman

797.                     The Fabric of Memory by Maggie Rowlett

798.                     The Family Train by Katherine West

799.                     The Fires Burn by Maggie Rowlett

800.                     The First Helicopter Ride by Diana L. Royce

801.                     The Fisco Snard by Sarah Thomson

802.                     The Fist  by Diana L. Royce

803.                     The Flashlight Hunt by Diana L. Royce

804.                     The Flying Lesson by Lynn Kincanon