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      The Poets Co-op Open Poetry Readings were a community-based poetry reading series in Loveland, Colorado for most of a decade. Featured readers ranged from national acclaimed poets to regional award winning poets.  Many of our featured readers were simply extremely talented local poets just starting their careers.  Participants at the open reading portion of the events ranged from first time readers to published and polished professionals.  Readers spanned in age from 4 to 94. We embraced all styles of poetry and all shared a common passion for original poetry. The reading was always hosted by M. D. Friedman with the first reading on March 21st of 2002 at the old Java Lounge on Fourth Street in downtown Loveland.  In the Fall of 2004, the series moved to the Loveland Museum where the last reading was held on November 4, 2010. Most of the readings were recorded live and these recordings make up an archive of over 1000 audio files that are now available for your listening and/or downloading pleasure without cost.  If you enjoy a particular poet's work please click on his or her name if it is blue to email them and say thank you. (You can also still read about past featured poets from the 2005 Fall Series, 2006 Spring Series, 2006 Fall Series, 2007 Spring Series, 2007 Fall Series, 2008 Spring Series, 2008 Fall Series, 2009 Spring Series , 2009 Fall Series, 2010 Spring Series or 2010 Fall Series.)

Click to listen to over 1000 ARCHIVED RECORDINGS from our past open readings.

    “The open mike reveals so much about people’s inner feelings,” said Tom Katsimpalis, curator of interpretation at the Loveland Museum/Gallery. “That’s what poetry is about. Things can be expressed in poetry in ways that they can’t be expressed in other mediums.” -- Shelley Widhalm, Loveland ReporterHerald, 9/30/2009

   Please enjoy a special tribute the poets wrote and read for Tom Katsimpalis, former curator of the Loveland Museum and long time friend of the Poets' Co-op.

    Be sure to check out our Special Tribute in honor of Gene Hoffman.

   (Don't forget to also visit the special studio recorded selections at featuring many internet poets from around the world. These include several experimental spoken word MP3's as well as several more with musical backing recorded at Mad Dog Music Studio. )

   We also host TV show featuring poetry readings on the first Sunday of each month from 7:00 - 7:30 pm in partnership with Boulder County Comcast Cable Channel 54.  The Poet's Co-op TV Show features both Colorado and National Poets with an emphasis on performance poetry. You can download or watch I-Pod ready video excerpts from these shows or the full half hour program for free at   Please contact our host and event coordinator, M. D. Friedman, if you are interested in becoming a featured poet one of TV Shows.


The following performances of our past featured readers are available for free download below. They are also available as part of our archive of over 1000 recordings or as part of our Poets' Co-op TV Show Podcast.  Click to subscribe to this podcast and/or put into I-Tunes Bookmark and Share

  Our final Open Reading held at the Loveland Museum was Thursday, November 4, 2010.  The  challenge phrase for this reading was "Poems for Tom."  (Please enjoy this special tribute the poets wrote and read for Tom Katsimpalis, former curator of the Loveland Museum and long time friend of the Poets' Co-op).

    1. The Character of a Man Like Tom  by Herb Conley
    2. Tom  by Tony Burfield
    3. Just Three Letters...  by Tommy Massey
    4. Echoes Of Tom (for the "For Tom" Challenge)  by M. D. Friedman
    5. The Burning Time (for Tom)  by Katherine West
    6. Poems for Tom by Lynn Kincanon
    7. Tom Katsimpalis  by Diana L. Royce with M. D. Friedman as a substitute reader
    8. Haiku for Tom  by Mariamne Engle Friedman
    9. Cento for Tom  by Lynn Wagner
    10. Tom Tom...  by  Caroline Orman

   A special tribute to honor Gene Hoffman, artist, born on Sept. 11, 1933, & who died Feb. 24, 2005, an inspiration to all who knew him. (All photographs of Gene's art taken by M. D. Friedman with permission from Gene Hoffman.)
    1. Found at Exhibit of Found Art by M. D. Friedman (See photos of Gene Hoffman's St. George in Aluminum, Rusted Metal & Car Reflectors, Gene Hoffman's
      Winged Tiki
      & Gene Hoffman's Kachina
    2. Two Poems for Gene Hoffman by Gordon Holladay
    3. Icarus Triptych in Rusted Metal & Aluminum by M. D. Friedman (See a photo of Gene Hoffman's Icarus Triptych in Rusted Metal & Aluminum).
    4. Two Poems inspired by the art of Gene Hoffman by Mariamne Engle Friedman recorded live on Dona Stein's Poetry Show . (See photos of Gene Hoffman's On Thoreau & Gene Hoffman's The Trophy ).

    Our first CD featuring live readings from the Java Lounge is available at our Online Store. (This CD is a compellation of live readings recorded at the old Java Lounge Open Readings and experimental studio recordings recorded at the Mad Dog Music Studio. This is our first CD release and represents a wide range of poetic styles typical of a night at one of our Open Readings. Proceeds from the purchase of the CD will be used to produce new CD's.)

      Order your Poets' Coop CD here.