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A Little About M. D. Friedman
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M.D. Friedman is a poet, teacher, musician, photographer and digital artist from Lafayette, Colorado. His poems have appeared in the Improv Magazine, Hiss Quarterly , Wired Art from Wired Hearts, Kookamonga Square, Job's Turkey, Arcade, The Green Horse and The Dry Creek Review.   His fourth book of poetry, Where We Reach, combines his poetry with his original photographs and artwork. He is the founder of the Internet Poets' Cooperative & which feature over 20 free volumes of e-books from poets around the world & over 200 free audio recordings of dozens of Colorado poets reading their own work at the ever popular Poets' Co-op Open Readings. You may also listen to M. D. reading some of his works right here in our Poets' Coop's growing MP3 collection. For more information or to contact M. D. with your comments please see   Be sure to check out his new Poetry Blog  for to see what he is working on right now.

In The Body of the Mind  M. D. Friedman has created an interlocking medley of 20 of his most purposeful poems composed over a period of thirty years. The intent of his selection is to expand the boundaries of human connection through the use of language art and image.

His second book, From Here to Here, M. D. describes as an “involuntary exploration of the polarity of love and loneliness.”

His third book, Nothing Else Matters, has been the top downloaded e-book at the Internet Poets’ Cooperative for the last year. This manuscript runs the gauntlet from the comic to the tragic, from the political to the sublime.

Where We Reach , M.D.'s newest release, includes some of his best work yet. With brutal honesty and sometimes acrid humor, M. D. soars and stumbles from confusion to love. Packed with stunning original photographs and artwork, this volume is a treat for the eyes and the ears.