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Presently, the following poetic manuscripts are available for your free download. If you do not already have it on your system, you will need to download & install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these e-books. If you like what read, please show your support by checking out our growing "Pay to Print" & exclusive "Print & Listen" e-book collection! Just released: David Bolton's book, A MindFullof Nothing.

Body of the Mind Cover Picture

From Here to Here Cover Picture

Nothing Else Matters Cover Picture
  • Where We Reach by M. D. Friedman (With brutal honesty and sometimes acrid humor, M. D. soars and stumbles from confusion to love. Packed with original photos, this volume includes some of M.D.'s best work yet.) Now availbable in paperback with all of the stunning photos and artwork in full color. Or, if you would rather, you may print it yourself and save time and money by purchasing the printable e-book or download it automatically to your Kindle.
Where We Reach Cover
  • I Sing the Body Electric by John Engle (An erotic masterpiece from one America's favorite poets. John's vision of love and passion will light a fire in your soul.) Please be advised that this book contains explicit sexual description. Now available in paperback!
I Sing the Body Electric Cover
A Mind Full of Nothing by David Bolton (David chronicles his inner journey through the themes of Darkness, Earth, Love, Passing and Spirit.)
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Creation Stories Cover
Bones of the Earth Cover Picture
  • Postcards from Hilversum is a short chapbook of poems from an Internationally-acclaimed Irish poet. In it, Ruth Mark reflects on life as she experiences it in The Netherlands, evoking all the senses and providing much for readers to contemplate. Also available as a "Pay to Print" e-book.
Postcards from Hilversum
  • These Days is a short chapbook of poems from an Internationally-acclaimed Irish poet. In it, Ruth Mark writes about the current political climate we are all living through.. Also available as a "Pay to Print" e-book.
These Days Cover
  • I’D RATHER BE MEXICANthan a white guy from Milwaukee who reflects on the wonders of being Mexican. Join Carlos, pale face, ghost boy in this existential meditation on life in the salsa sea (by Charles P. Ries).
I'd Rather Be Mexican Cover
  • ODD is a good title for this collection by Charles P. Ries, whose poems note not only the strangeness of the world, its creatures, moments, and paradox - but that here we are, perhaps the only organism capable of being conscious of how odd life is." - Phil Wagner, Editor, Iconoclast
Odd Cover
  • Lady Pinball by Rochelle Ratner (In the late 1970s, Pinball machines began appearing in bars, headshops, bus stations. And I found myself drawn to them. There I was, in control of that machine, the machine sometimes the only thing I could control. New friendships opened up and solidified, all recounted from a tough-woman persona here.)
Lady Pinball cover
  • Leah by Rochelle Ratner --"Found poems" based on postcards discovered in an antique store, all addressed to Leah Graham (later Leah Carvell) from 1905-1955. Line breaks, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation have all been retained, nothing has been edited out. Piecing them together tempts readers to fill in the blanks until a life story emerges.
Leah cover
  • Newsreal by Rochelle Ratner --Whether politically motivated (based on the inanities of Bush and Co.) or more fanciful (an ad or news story sparking autobiographical fragments), 2003 seemed a year like none other. These prose poems capture moments and, hopefully, make art of them.
Newsreal Cover
  • Tellings by Rochelle Ratner (The first untitled, introductory poem, is in my own voice. Everything which follows is in the voice of my mother, based on stories she told me about her own life. The stories captured in these poems belong to my mother; the emotion which comes through is clearly my own. )
Tellings Cover
  • emissions by M. Richard Smith ( written between 1996 and 2003, these 21 poems explore various themes. Several pieces are dark, some are about love lost and/or found , & others make a comment on society, or speak of nature. Also includes a memorial to the victims of the 9-11). Now available in paperback.
  • Enjoy this free Sampler E-Book Version of Constance Black's ever popular Collected Poems. Also available in paperback. (This book is a collection of poetry written in the last several years and has two parts.  "The Thirsty Fish" contains some poems inspired by the writings  of the sufi poet Rumi as translated by Coleman Barks.  "Latter Days" reflects feelings of aging and reactions to these violent times with its aura of apocalyptic change. )
Collected Poems by Constance Black
  • Michael Feil has captured language as raw as the debris flowing in our gutters, a photograph of the unfolding of nature, or vows spoken from an altar. The words on the pages of Camping in a Middle Class Pasture are the moments of our generation. This 120 page manuscript contains some real gems!
  • Patricia A. West writes poetry as a release and an escape. Usually dark and raw, she sometimes writes humorous poems often with a sarcastic undertone. She prefers rhyme to free verse. If you, too, prefer poems that rhyme, that are taken from real life experience, always honest even if painful, give her e-book, Wings Of Freedom, a try.
Wings of Freedom Cover
Christopher Sanderson Yorkshire love poems and other desperate stuff
  • International poet, Rafael Ayala Paez, from Zaraza, Guarico, Venezuela, is something special. You will want to spend some time with these beautiful poems.
    • Rafael Ayala Paez has the enviable ability to write about the heaviest and deepest of matters —love, sex, death, longing —with the lightest of touches. His is a voice that informs without hectoring, seduces without cloying, convinces without shouting. In La levedad de la materia/ The lightness of matter, his images alight on the page; we can't help but turn to see where they will lead us next. ~Maura Alia Badji, poet/writer/editor

    • If Rafael Ayala Páez's poems, with their beautiful burden of love & loss, don't always reach the hard contemplative simplicity they might aspire to, as they sift through the natural world & eyeball death in the attempt, at times they can take your breath away. ~Roger Hickin, New Zealand poet, visual artist & publisher.
  • We are proud to present his collection, The lightness of matter as partof our collection.
The lightness of matter
  • We are proud to present Tim Koehn's chapbook, Far Between: Poems 2000-2010 as part of our collection. Tim's love of sound play, vivid image and detail descriptions make this volume a great read.
Pigeon Eater
Time is on My Side Cover