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Jeffrey (A.K.A. ZZ Baggins) started writing poetry and taking photographs over thirty years ago while living in South Africa. He is a former Chicago saloon poet. He is the founder of The Chicago Poetry Agenda and a former active board member of The Tulsa Arts and Humanities Literary Arts Council. A former member of The Greater Dallas Community of Writers, he has conducted and participated in numerous poetry workshops and feature readings in the U.S.

His poetry, visual arts and photographs have been published around the world in numerous print and online journals, as well as five anthologies. He has published two books of poetry: Fear of Heights (1984, Spahr-Summers Publications) and The Cherry Poems (2006, Cherry Publications/Lulu).

Jeff is the Editor and Publisher of Poetry Victims, Bent Backed Tulips, americana photographic, Liar Liar Pants on Fire and Frank Talk Blog. Every month, Jeff writes and publishes stories in Sketchbook (A Journal for Eastern and Western Short Forms) along with monthly installments of poetry. He is a featured blogger for AMP (Artist's Meeting Place) and maintains a slew of other blogs and sites online.

You can download Jeffery's e-book, i believe from the Internet Poets' Cooperative free e-book collection.